Frederic's love of photography started in his childhood in Switzerland where his father, a photographer himself, instilled curiosity by giving him a camera as a present. Later, Frederic took pleasure in exploring the night skies with his telescope. Both hobbies merged into astrophotography. By day, Frederic is a space physicist. By night, he unleashes his creative mind and uses his skills. While much of his work focuses on night photography, he is also fascinated by the shapes and textures of nature by day.  Since coming to the US in 2003, he has lived in the Lavaca Neighborhood, where he tries to make the most of San Antonio’s night sky.

Frederic shoots mostly with Nikon Z7 II, D750, and D7000 + Nikon or Sigma glass, and Celestron C11 Edge HD for deep sky astrophotography.
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